Time based works
Imagined New (2020)

Performed by Alex Baker, Matthew Stock, Patricia Pinsker and Yvette Greslé.

Duration: Approx. 8 min.

Dimensions: Virtually variable

Live performance on Zoom live-streamed on Youtube for online exhibition Personal Space at Surface Gallery, Nottingham on 26 Sep 2020.

A piece for four voices in "Songs For Becoming" (2019)


Conducted by Christian Damsgaard

Performed by Chor Nova and friends; Andrey Stoyanoff, Boris Boll-Johansen, Catriona Miller, Eva Dominique Wenzel, Juan David Guzmán Martínez, Lotte Møller, Lucia Schreyer and Sophie Charlotte Schippmann

Duration: Approx. 8 min.

Dimensions: variable

Performed as the finissage of the exhibition at die raum, Berlin, Germany

Variation of C (2016-7)


Performed by Angela Hilton, Nivana Jade, Mo Bottomley and Vickie Fear
Duration: Approx. 3 min 30 sec each act
Dimensions variable


Act 8:15pm: 00'00 - 03'43
Act 9:15pm: 03'45 - 07'14


Performed at the opening of Plymouth Contemporary 2017, KARST, Plymouth 

“Echoes and Transformations”, Wiebke Leister performing with NaoKo TakaHashi at White Conduit Projects, London, 20 Oct 2016

05'19 min video documentation of the performance

Duration: approx 17 min.
Materials: folded publication, pencil, electro-acoustic amplification, effects pedals, spoken word


Distorted Soundscape (2015)


Video documentation of performance
Duration: 8-10min.

Waiting for the Time (2013)

Performance for camera

Duration: 02'59

Don’t Shoot the Messengers in the Cosmic Microwave (2011)

3 min clip of the live performance for Resonance Open, Gone with the Wind curated by Ed Baxter at Raven Row, London 2011. Performed with Terry Kirkbride for Resonance FM live broadcast on 02 July 2011, using pieces installed in the exhibition.

Framing the Frame Series (2004-7)

Live performance with live/web linked video projection.

Duration: variable

Painting the Sky Blue (2006)

Performance for camera

Duration: 05'45

Video still

Measuring Each Other (2004)

Performance for camera

Duration: 05'00

Video still

Movement Reality (2019)


Performed by John Cooker, Shivinder Grewal, Sarah Ismail.

Duration: approx. 5 min (3 min excerpt)

Dimensions: variable

A collaboration with the performers who have neurological conditions, rehabilitation professionals - Athena Logothetis and Gemma Cook, and a health science researcher - Dr. Elizabeth Cassidy.

The score and the performance were developed with the performers.

Performed at the World CP Day at Chikenshed Theatre London

Is Orange Still The Colour of Future? (2018)

Documentation: 07'09-10'07


Performed by Alex Baker, Kit Paulson, NaoKo TakaHashi

Duration: Approx. 3 min.

Dimensions: variable

Performed at the opening of There is No End, Thank You, Sluice HQ, London 

Variation of C (2016)

Performed by Tina Gverović, Terry Kirkbride, Matthew Stock and NaoKo T

Duration: approx. 10 min (3 min excerpt)

Dimensions variable

Performed at Qalandiya International 2016 London
Curated by Palestinian Regeneration Team (PART)
AV engineering and recording by Teo Cruz and his team, Westminster University Marylebone, London

Echoes of The Body (2016)

5 min audio recording of spoken word performance
Duration: approx. 7 min
   0:00 - 0:46 (beginning)
   0:48 - end (the last 4 min of the performance)

Text was written reflecting "The Bound Man" by Iise Aichinger, published by Copy Press, 2015

Glimpse of a Night (2015)

03'45 audio documentation of spoken word performance
Duration: approx. 7-8 min

Written in response to a book, Wednesday Afternoon by Vit Hopley, Common Intellectual No. 01 published by Copy Press, 2013

Repetition of Uncoded (2012)

16:9 SD Video
Colour with no sound

Duration: 11'00 loop

Commissioned by POLYply London


Good Morning at Night (2005)


A short film produced during Sharjah Biennale 7's Artist in Residency Program
Shot on Mini DV

Colour with sound (English with Arabic subtitle)

Duration: 10'45


Read synopsis here

performance, drawing, NaoKo TakaHashi, live link projection, Framing the Frame, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Theory and practice
performance, drawing, NaoKo TakaHashi, live link projection, Framing the Frame, Framed, London
performance, drawing, NaoKo TakaHashi, live link projection, Framing the Frame, Toyama, Japan
performance, drawing, NaoKo TakaHashi, live link projection, Framing the Frame, Tokyo, Japan

Making a Little Island of Desert 2005

Performance for camera

Duration: 03'15

Video still

Monkey and Bear (2002)

Performance for camera

Duration: 01'25

Video still

. . . . . (untitled) (2000)

Performance for camera

Duration: 05'24

Video still

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